You may ask, "How can a drunk driver be lucky?" Well an Oregon man, Matthew Hamilton, was driving his vehicle intoxicated and crashed. The problem is-he crashed into a barrier overpass. Typically, the driver plummets over the barrier and falls below. The results are either death, or serious injuries for the driver and other below. However, Mr. Hamilton was saved by his sheer luck and a strong rear axle on his vehicle. Many observers were amazed at the daggling vehicle that was almost 35 feet above the ground below.

The driver, Mr. Hamilton, was still in the car when police and the fire department arrived at the scene. He carefully removed from the vehicle to prevent it from falling. After the suspect was removed from the vehicle a crane had to be called in to safely secure the vehicle. This operation to remove the truck took nearly 12 hours. Traffic was backed up for miles in a major metropolitan area of Portland, Oregon.

Mr. Hamilton, was later charged with a DUI after he was extracted from his vehicle. The car suffered significant damage and Hamilton was rushed to the hospital. Fortunately, no one else was hurt from this accident, it happened late at night, at a time when this major road was fairly empty. There has been an uproar in this particular community lately because of the amount of DUI related accidents. This is clear evidence that the citizens are getting behind the wheel after having drinks. What is even more shocking is the amount of SR-22 insurance filings that have been submitted for second time offenders in the Portland area. Police are countering the recent epidemic with increased police presence and DUI check point.







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