In case you did not know, no one is safe from getting a DUI.  From celebrities, to athletes, we see them in the news everyday.  Former Arizona Diamond Back T.V. analyst and former first baseman for the Diamond Backs and the Chicago Cubs, Mark Grace pleaded guilty yesterday to “felony endangerment and misdemeanor” while driving under the influence of alcohol.  Mr. Grace can now count two drunk driving offenses against him in the last 15 months.  What does that mean?  Than means that he can face up to three years in jail.  In the previous offense during October 2012 he pleaded not guilty to, count them, FOUR, felony counts of aggravated DUI and is scheduled to go to trial on March 19.  


Grace is not the only person that seems to think that because of his “status” that he is safe from getting a DUI.  Look at the list below of which of your favorite celebrities got a a DUI in 2012.


Thomas Gibson - “Greg” from Dharma and Greg

Devin Ebanks

Bobby Brown (Third DUI Implication in 10 years)

Archbishop Salvatore Corinleone

Linda Hogan - The Hulk’s Wife


These are just to name a few.


However, we know that regular people get DUI’s too.  On January 19th, 2013 in San Diego a 23 year old woman faces 10 years in state prison.  She was allegedly driving the wrong way on the road and got in a head on collision, killing the driver.  Two hours after the crash the woman’s blood alcohol level was measured at .21%.


On January 29th, 2012 in Cook County another woman, 39 years old is charged with killing a couple who were on the side of the road changing their tire because she was drinking and driving.  We learn later that the driver never earned a driver’s license and her BAC level was double the legal limit.


Drunk driving has very real consequences, other than just getting a DUI and having to file an SR22 insurance form. Drunk driving can and as illustrated here does kill, and usually ends up killing innocent people.  We can not stress enough that drunk driving is a dangerous sport to partake in.  Make sure that if you decide to go out and drink, do not get in the car, call a cab, call a friend, but whatever you do, don’t ever think that it will be ok.  You could be in the car after drinking a few glasses of wine, your phone rings, you go to answer it, and then next thing you know the traffic in front of you stops and your crash into the car in front of you.  Even if you think that you are not drunk, guess what, if you get a breathalyzer test and the police discover that your BAC level is over 0.08%, the accident, your fault or not is YOUR FAULT, and you better hope that a DUI and an at fault accident is the least of your worries.


DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!  If you do, and you do get a DUI and need to file an SR22 and need insurance call us at Breathe Easy Insurance Services, we can help and answer your questions, and even refer you to an attorney.