Have you been caught drinking and driving, and are now facing the possibility of jail time or having your license suspended?  Are you in need of having to file  SR22 Insurance and need car insurance after a DUI, but have no idea where to start?  Call Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions so we can get you back on the road, legally and affordably.  We at Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions are insurance brokers who specialize in SR22 filings and DUI Insurance in five different states and we are also able to shop the multiple insurance companies to ensure that you get the best insurance rate possible. 


Call us before you call your current insurance broker.  As soon as you call your current insurance carrier and notify them that you need an SR22, they are going to run your Motor Vehicle Report and see that you received a DUI.  Once this happens they are either going to hike your insurance premium or they are going to drop you entirely.  


Make sure that you call us at Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions before you APS hearing, so that we can lock you in while you are still considered a “good driver”.  We work with insurance carriers that are sensitive to people that are considered “high risk” drivers, such as those who got a DUI and we as brokers lock you in with the best carrier possible, and file your SR22 for you.


You might be asking, what is an SR22?  The SR22 is what is known as State Required Form 22, that proves that the driver is financially responsible to drive on the road.  This form basically states that the driver has the minimum insurance coverage in case something were to happen.  The SR22 must be attached to an insurance policy in order for it to be valid.  If you decide to let you insurance policy lapse by not paying for your premium, your SR22 will automatically cancel, and you will find yourself driving on the road illegally.  Leaving yourself open to more legal issues.


Call us today, so we can answer any and all questions that you may have regarding your DUI and your insurance needs.  We know that this is not the easiest time in your life and we are here to help.  We want to make sure that before you hang up the phone that you are familiar with what is going on with your insurance issues and that you are not in the dark.  Everything can be handled over the phone and online, to make your life as easy as possible for you, so you can Breathe Easy.