Last Friday, the Chino Police department had strategically place DUI checkpoints in areas where a high volume of DUI accidents and arrests have occurred. These checkpoints will continue, and will run from 8:00pm to early morning the following day. The Chino police department, like many other city precincts, has been conducting studies of residents and intersection that have had an abundance of DUI related infractions.

The latest checkpoint was carefully calculated at an intersection where, Russ Miller a murdered officer was killed. He was hit by a drunk driver while on duty nearly 13 years ago. This is going to be a precedent set in the City of Chino. The police department has decided to set up checkpoints in memory of fallen citizens and officers to deter more DUI related deaths and injuries.

The first thing an officer is looking for at a checkpoint is your licensing. Do you have the proper licensing? They may even ask to see your insurance…They are going to visually inspect the vehicle, the driver and the passengers. They are looking for signs of intoxication, whether its alcohol or drugs. What will happen if a driver is pulled over? Drivers that are convicted of a DUI will go to jail first, have their license suspended, have their insurance premiums skyrocket, probation, fines and alcohol classes. Studies show that a DUI can cost around ten thousand dollars.

Police departments are going to increase the amount of DUI checkpoints in the state of California in effort to reduce alcohol related accidents and alcohol related driving injuries. They feel checkpoints will deter drivers from driving intoxicated and educate communities about the dangers of driving under the influence.

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