First Car California Driving Info

You have finally saved enough money from your part-time job while going to high school to buy your first car. You have finally graduated from college and your parents have kept their promise to give you a new car. You just completed your first two weeks at the best job you ever had, and that first paycheck is going toward your first car. That first-car scenario is as sweet as candy. You can barely wait for the freedom of the open road, and to hear your favorite music blaring from your new sound system. But, before you can feel the wind in your hair, before you turn that volume knob to the right, you need something very important….Car Insurance.

Before you move so much as an inch with your new engine running, the State of California requires a certificate of Liability Coverage from an Insurance Company. California Vehicle Code 16020 says that you need to establish and maintain insurance to register your new car, and for all subsequent renewals. If you do not keep your insurance up-to-date, California Vehicle Code 16058 requires insurance companies to report your insurance policy lapse. You could lose your registration and possibly your driver’s license.

Click To Call Breathe Easy INSAt Breath Easy Insurance, we take the complexity out of the process of insuring your shiny new car. Before you drive away from the car dealer, before you go to DMV to register your new car, before you turn the key the first time, contact us. You need to be protected.

If something goes wrong on the road, you need to ensure that your car gets fixed. You need to cover other people’s cars, just in case you make an unfortunate mistake. We help make sure you have what you need. For details about our services and how we turn complex into simple, visit


  We help with:

·        Liability Coverage

·        Collision Coverage

·        Comprehensive Coverage

·         Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage