Posted by Jarrett Mahoney on Apr 23, 2013

Home and renters insuranceThe new high definition television and surround-sound system you just installed has transformed your family room into a grand theater that makes even the worst situation comedy seem like a night out. The laptop computer you use for updating your status is sitting on your expensive desk waiting for your friends and family. You spent hours researching, shopping, and purchasing all these treasures. On top of all that, you have been planning your fun cruise, Hawaiian vacation, or Vegas adventure for months. 

Unfortunately, while you have been stocking your home, and planning your get-away, some very bad people have taken notice of your purchases and your vacation preparations. While you are away having the time of your life, your possessions are making their way to the local pawn shop, flea market, or someone else’s family room.

The time you spent locating, choosing, and buying each item you cherish and enjoy is worth far more than the cost of the things in your home. In seemingly an instant, your life, your home, and your safety have been compromised. So…now what do you do?

As part of your move-in process, before you turn the key to your new home for the first time, you need protection and financial back-up. A Homeowner or Renters insurance policy will provide the financial security and back-up you need when an emergency finds its way into your home. Whether you need to recover from a burglary, fire, flood, accidental injury, or liability, a good insurance policy can provide the comfort you need while away from home. So…before you move in, before you buy all those wonderful things, before you enjoy that vacation, call us to talk about how we can ensure your financial safety with a Homeowner or Renter policy custom designed to protect your things.