If you have been drinking and you are pulled over by a police officer you best hope that they do not suspect that you are under the influence. If you are under the influence of alcohol the officer may ask you to do a variety of tests to test your blood alcohol limit. First, the officer will ask you to conduct a field sobriety test. This test can be refused, it is used to test your cognitive ability, balance and coordination. The officer, will conduct an eye test, a balance test etc... The eye test is to verify if your horizontal gaze nystagmus is off balance. If your eyes are shaking when the officer moves his fingers in front of your face you are intoxicated.

After performing the field sobriety tests if the officer suspects you are under the influence he may ask you to perform more test based on science-for example, breath, blood or urine. If you are arrested or your refuse the breath test you will have to take one of the scientific tests under the implied consent law. You can refuse to take one of these tests. However, refusal will cause your license to be automatically suspended under state law. The minimum suspension for a refusal is a minimum of one year. Applying for SR22 insurance with refusal will not allow you to obtain a restricted license.

The results of these tests will be used against you in court and will possibly decide whether you will be convicted of a DUI. Understanding how accurate these tests are depending on your particular situation is vital in our court case. We will explain what each test is and how it can help or hurt your possible conviction.


·         Breathe Test: the police use a breathalyzer which the police use in the field while you are pulled over. This will show how much alcohol is present in the air of your lungs not in your blood stream. So if have taken some narcotics this test would probably be a better choice than a blood test

·         Blood Test: The most accurate of all tests is the blood test. This will accurately quantify all drugs and alcohol in your blood stream. However, a good lawyer may find some foul play in how the blood was analyzed.


If you are convicted of a DUI, the cost to hire an attorney, pay the DMV fines and get insurance is astronomical. Luckily there are great attorneys that can fight you case and good DUI insurance programs that can help you get back on the road a t a reasonable rate.