In the State of California, they are now requiring 1st time, Driving Under the Influence  (DUI), convicted drivers to install an Ignition Interlock device (IID), in four pilot counties. Now, other circumstances of your DUI case and repeat offenders may require an IID. However, in this blog we are going to focus on 1st time offenders that require an IID. The four pilot counties in CA requiring and IID are: Los Angeles, Alameda, Sacramento and Tulare counties.

When a driver is pulled over and convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) there are now three steps they need to take in order to obtain a restricted license, and get their driving privileges back. First, the driver must obtain SR22 insurance or "proof of financial responsibility." SR22 insurance is simply a certificate within an insurance policy that the DMV requires. A driver needs an SR22 on file with the DMV for a three year probation period. Second, a driver needs to enroll in an alcohol program. Basically, these are alcohol education classes that are conducted for 4 to 5 months for an hour a week. Now, as earlier stated, CA is requiring and ignition interlock device for 1st time offenders in 4 pilot counties.

What is an IID?

An IID is a device connected to the ignition of your vehicle. This device uses a breath sample similar to a breath test conducted by a police officer after a driver fails a field sobriety test. A licensed manufacturer and installer, installs the device. Before a you are able to start your vehicle the driver must blow into the apparatus. The device is calibrated to read any presence of alcohol in the drivers system. While the car is being driven multiple tests will have to be conducted. If your device reads a presence of alcohol, the car not starting is not the drivers only problem. The system can be read by a parole officer or used against the driver in a court case. Several bad readings can force the driver to lose his or her license or face harsher penalties.

Your manufacture will give the proof of installation of the IDD. The insurance carrier will give the DMV proof of SR22 insurance. There are also state programs that have been put into place for drivers that cannot afford an IID. 1st time offenders will need an IID in their vehicle for a 5 month period.


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