Do you live in another state and were recently pulled over for a DUI in California. Or are you a California resident that has moved to another state and just recently got convicted of a DUI?

If this is the case you are now going to be have a few obstacles in order to have your driving privileges reinstated. Many years ago you could be guilty of a major driving violation and move to another state and avoid the penalties. Nowadays, the DMV or governing driving institution in your respective state is connected to a national registry. This means all you driving penalties or infractions are linked to a computer system, wherever you go your driving record is going to follow you. Allow with higher premiums for insurance.

If you leave the state of California after receiving a DUI and your are required to obtain SR22 insurance in order to get your restricted license. You can leave with our fulfilling the CA requirements. If you do leave CA, the DMV will place a hold on your CA license or index filing. An Index filing or "X" number is how the state of CA identifies out of state drivers. When you either go back to your home state or you just moved and you want to register your vehicle. Your respective state will impose a hold or suspension on your license. Again, you must satisfy the CA DMV before you leave.

So you questions may be, "Will how do I satisfy the CA DMV if I live in another state?"

It's simple, in 2005 CA DMV stated with a 1650 Waiver Packet a driver can waive the mandatory alcohol program required. However, a driver must still obtain SR22 insurance in CA, this can be purchased by via a CA insurance company. Typically, purchasing a non-owners, bare minimum limit policy to show proof of insurance is sufficient.  You can only file a 1650 waiver once in a life time, and if you file a 1650 waiver and plan on moving to CA you cannot obtain a driver license until you complete all required alcohol programs. We always tell our customer to call the California DMV mandatory actions unit if you have any further questions. 916-657-6525




About the Author:

Jarrett John Mahoney is owner of Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions. One of the leading insurers in the country for SR22 Insurance filing and DUI insurance protection. Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions, is a member of CDLA, the Private Defenders, CACJ, NACDL and MABA. They are also recognized as one of the fastest growing insurance brokerage's in the county.