We have all heard how important it is to be an individual that is “attentive to detail”.  However, when the police person is pulling you over and having you breathe into an apparatus that may not read your BAC correctly, and a DUI being on your record for the next ten years, this lack to detail could cost you thousands of dollars and countless hours.  So one has to ask themselves, how accurate is the breathalyzer test, really?  


On Super Bowl Sunday, at a house party there was a breathalyzer machine, and we decided to test ourselves with it.  As a test, we had the pregnant woman who has not had a drink in over 7 months breathe into it, and it came up as .000%.  We then had a man 6’1” approximately 230 lbs try it out.  After two drinks he came up with a .02% BAC, then he took a drink, swallowed the contents immediately and then blew into the machine and the BAC came up to .05%, then he took another drink, held the contents in his mouth for approximately 10-15 seconds, and the BAC reading came up to .325% BAC level.  At this level one would be either unconscious or even possibly dead.  


So let’s say you have been drinking a beer and your partner turns to you while preparing dinner and says “honey, I really need butter from the store, can you be a dear and pick some up for us?”  You finish your beer, swallow it, grab your keys, head out the door, pull out of your parking spot, cop pulls you over, you breathe, and low and behold, you are over the legal limit to drive.  Not only will there be no butter for dinner, but there could also be a DUI charges as well.  What does one do in this case.  Well the best advice we can give you is this - If you get pulled over for a DUI, you are going to jail no matter what, so do not let the cops use this to scare you into taking the breathalyzer test on the side of the road.  Go to jail and take the breathalyzer test at the police station, you should have the most accurate reading there.  Once you get discharged, that day find yourself a lawyer to defend you.  Your life does not need to end because you got a DUI.  If you have no idea where to find a lawyer, give us a call.  We at Breathe Easy Insurance Services are an insurance broker, that work with many attorneys, and we would be more than happy to refer you to one, that will protect you and has your best interest in mind.