You got a DUI, what are you going to do now?  You are going to contact Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions and we are will take care of all your insurance and SR22 needs.  Using Breathe Easy as your broker for insurance is going to take out all of the guesswork that you are going to have to go through.  Your first thought might be to contact your insurance carrier.  If you do decide to do this you are going to have to face the fact that once you do contact your insurance carrier and tell them that you need an SR22, you might as well have told them that you have tons of discretionary income and that you would like nothing more than to give it to them. 

Your need of having to have an SR22 on file sends red flags to your current insurance carrier that you got a DUI and are now considered a "high risk driver".  Once you have received the stamp of "high risk driver" you will experience a major hike in your insurance premium or you will be dropped for your current insurance carrier altogether.

So what are you going to do?  Are you going to go to every single insurance carrier's website and give out your information 10 or 20 times in order to find the best rate?  No, you are going to visit Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions website - and give us a call.  We are going to take out all of the guesswork out of DUI insurance and SR22 filings for you and answer any questions that you may have.  We are the DUI insurance and SR22 one stop shop.  We will offer you the best rates possible in the insurance industry for your particular needs.  

Do not get stuck with high premiums from your current carrier because you got a DUI, and don't drown in the million possible insurance carriers that do not specialize in DUI cases and SR22 filings.  Call Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions as soon as possible, so you can get on with your life and breathe easy!







About the Author:

Jarrett John Mahoney is owner of Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions. One of the leading insurers in the country for SR22 Insurance filing and DUI insurance protection. Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions, is a member of CDLA, the Private Defenders, CACJ,NACDL and MABA. They are also recognized as one of the fastest growing insurance brokerage's in the county.