DUI InsuranceHave you received a DUI conviction?  If you have you probably have already heard what that conviction is going to do to your insurance rates.  You have probably heard horror stories about how your insurance company is going to hit you with a large renewal rate and how this rate will continue for at least the three year probationary period.  Well, that can and does happen if you do not know that there is a way around this outcome. 

At Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions, we specialize in providing SR-22’s for DUI’s.  As an independent insurance agency we are often asked when is the best time to file an SR-22?  There is no set date, but we do have a strategy that will allow you to get your restricted license as soon as possible and save money in the process.  Individuals are eligible to obtain a restricted license thirty days after their suspension.  However, in order to save the most money possible, we recommend that they file an SR-22 either before the APS hearing or on the date they lose the APS hearing.  

Now, an attorney who advises their client they need to file an SR-22 report before they are retained or before they have their APS hearing may give the impression that they are conceding the victory and assuming that the client will lose the hearing.  However, what we are recommending is a proactive strategy to ensure that the client will save thousands of dollars over the three year probation period.  And not only that, but the client will also save $200-$500 on the SR-22 itself.  Otherwise, if the client waits for the DUI to go on his MVR before he obtains the SR-22, the client will face a huge premium increase from his present auto insurer and if he applies to another insurance company with hopes of getting a lower rate he will face the same problem.  The competitor carrier will see the DUI on the MVR and will quote a higher than usual premium due to the increased risk.

Breathe Easy InsuranceOur SR-22 insurance program has a no hassle, one hundred percent guaranteed refund should our client not need the SR-22.  This allows us to give our client the assurance of a no risk option when purchasing the SR-22 before the APS hearing.  This program ends up providing the security of preventing the current carrier from raising the current premium without the risk of paying for an unnecessary SR-22.

Our strategy involves attaching an SR-22 to a liability policy in conjunction with the current policy. Essentially, the client is going to have two policies. The first policy, the current one, is already in place and is going to continue to cover the vehicle and liability. The second policy is written by us and is used to satisfy the DMV with an SR-22 filing.  Remember, auto insurance premiums are based on: age, zip code, vehicle type and driving record.   We want our customers to get every advantage possible within DMV provisions and the insurance code.  This why filing the SR-22 when you are facing a suspension, but before you are suspended, saves you the most money possible.

We are still able to file an SR-22 after the APS hearing for our clients.  But doesn’t it make much better sense to use our strategy before or on the day of the APS hearing?   We are here to offer you as many options as are possible and we know that the most economical option is usually the best way to go.