thrill of motorcyclesThere is a special feeling when you hear the roar of the engine. The wind pressing against your chest tells you that you are free from the confinement of the four-walled environment of the average car. There is a certain anonymity and freedom to the road on a motorcycle. Knowing you are in control of a small part of your world can give a moment of peace.         

Modern motorcycles are a wonder of technology. They contain the ultimate of technological advances. This is a long way from the steam powered bicycles used in the mid 19th century. Motorcycles can take you to the corner store, along a dirt pathway, or on a grand road-trip along long stretches of asphalt crossing our grand country.           

The primary reason people ride motorcycles is the excitement and thrill of the power and freedom to move in places and ways that a car cannot. The thrill – of course – comes with a risk. There are approximately 819,000 motorcycles registered in California. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that over the last 15 years fatalities from motorcycle accidents have increased an average of 7% each year. While fatalities from car accidents have reduced by an average of 8% each year during the same period.

Motorcycles are not as visible as cars. Car drivers are supposed to be diligent with sharing the road. Motor cycle riders – unfortunately – must take the greater responsibility to be seen. The U.S. Department of Transportation recommends that you make sure the driver of the car near you knows you are there.

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A motorcycle can give a sense of power, freedom, and an exciting experience. But, when the negligence of other people causes an accident, you need financial protection, medical attention, and people to help you recover physically and financially.

A well constructed motorcycle insurance policy can protect you from the financial hazards of a motorcycle accident. You will likely need medical attention, and have property damage. We can help structure a policy that will protect your financial security, and ensure you receive the medical attention you may need.