After receiving a major infraction on your record like a DUI, you are now viewed as a “HIGH RISK” driver. If you make the right choices after your recent infraction you can minimize your exposure. For example, you’re not going to be viewed as a high risk driver forever, by switching to a carrier like Breathe Easy Insurance during this period you will be able to save thousands.

1.   Do not ever let your insurance lapse. If you miss a payment for a period of time, and then you are shopping for a new insurance policy. Your will be paying a surcharge for having a lapse in coverage.

2.   You should try to lock an SR-22 policy or DUI insurance protection in for a year. Especially, if you obtained a good rate.

3.   If you have received multiple tickets within a three year period your will be paying higher rates on insurance. Also, if you have had an accident in the past you are going to want your MVR ran before signing up with any company for a policy. A lot of brokers will give you an initial price; however it does not include your correct driving record. Most companies will run your record dating back for three years, however there are a few that will only look back for two years.

4.   It is going to be very difficult to get insurance with a preferred company like Allstate or State Farm. A DUI can affect your driving record for up to five years. Sometimes it can affect your insurance for up to ten years. A preferred rate will probably not be available to a driver with a prior DUI for around 5 years.

The trick is to get insurance with a broker that understand law and you trust. If you want to pay a lower premium on insurance after an infraction you need to know when certain violation are going to fall of your record so you can get insurance with a preferred carrier again allowing you to pay lower rates. Most people that are with not standard high risk insurance company stay with those carriers to long. They do not understand that they are only viewed as high risk for a certain amount of time. Also, many drivers are not doing the proper research and paying too much money on insurance. This often is related to a lapse in coverage because drivers do not have the money to pay high rates for insurance.