Getting a DUI in the state of California can affect you getting auto insurance for about 10 years. If you were pulled over and then convicted of a DUI, and you still want to continue to drive, you are going to need to file and SR22 with the state.  You might ask, what does SR22 mean?  Well quite simply it is short for “State Required Form 22”.  You need to file this state required form which needs to be attached to an insurance policy, if you have any interest in driving in the state of California.


There are a few ways you can go about doing this –


You could either - call your current insurance carrier and tell them that you need an SR22, but all that is going to do is send the red lights flashing that you got DUI and your rates are going to either A.  SKYROCKET or B. You are going to be DROPPED entirely from your insurance. 


Or – you can make a hundred phone calls shopping for insurance for a high-risk driver, because that is what you are now considered.


Or- you can call Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions and talk to one of our Brokers and they will take all the work out of looking for an insurance rate for you, and file your SR22 with one easy phone call. 


You want to be able to drive right? You want to do so legally, right?  I mean let’s face it, the chance that you took to drink and drive didn’t pay off, do something that will.  Call Breathe Easy for your insurance needs and we will get you back on the road without you having to pay an arm and a leg to do so. 


Don’t miss work because you can’t drive, and DO NOT DRIVE ILLEGALLY!  If you get caught driving illegally YOU WILL GET YOUR LICENCE SUSPENDED!



You must file your SR22 before you have your license reinstated by the DMV.  No SR22, No DRIVING!  Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions will be able to file your SR22 and have an insurance policy to you within minutes of your conversation.  Which means that you will be able to drive to work, drop off the kids and not miss dinner at Grandma’s house. 


Getting a DUI is not the proudest moment in most people’s lives, and being without a license, going to court, and worrying about if your employer is going to find out about this is a lot to worry about.  So go ahead and let us worry about your insurance and getting you back on the road.


Call us at Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions, where our expertise will get you back on the road, so you can Breathe Easy.