What happens to your license if the police officer punches a hole on it?

If you have a hole punch on your license that means the officer reported you to the Department of Licensing along with your arrest file. This report now notifies you license to go into suspension. Even if you are found not guilty in a court of law the DOL will still have your license in revocation. This action will require you to obtain SR22 Insurance to get a restricted license. However, even if you did not receive a hole punch in your license your license still may fall into suspension.

The officer punches a hole in your license to indicate to you that your license will fall into suspension 60 days from the date of your arrest. During the period in-between your arrest date and suspension the date the DOL will observe your record and actions on the scene to determine whether to suspended your license. For example, if you took the roadside breath test and blew a .08 or higher you will receive a suspension up 2 years. Furthermore, if you refused to take any of the chemical tests your license could be suspended for up to two years.

Whether you refused the breath test or blew .08 or higher the arresting officer will give you a notice of suspension. If you take the blood test at the police station the Department of Licensing will send you a notice in the mail when the results have been determined. The officer must punch your license at the arrest scene and you give you a drivers hearing request form.

On the day of the arrest after you receive your hearing request form you must mail it back to the Department of Licensing before 20 days. Along with the hearing request form, you must send a check for $200.00 so you can fight the automatic suspension.  If you fail to send the form and check on time your license will go into automatic suspension. Regardless of the outcome of your court case or if you have a valid license you license will still be revoked. Many think you can get a DUI insurance program that will satisfy the DOL and enable you to get a restricted license. If you do not satisfy the DOL initial paperwork request you will not be able to get an SR22 and get a restricted license.