Have you been pulled over for a DUI and you are now wondering what to do?  Have you heard that you needed to file an SR22 with the DMV, but are not really sure what  SR22 insurance is?  Here are Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions we are here to help you get through the DMV process as smoothly as possible, and get you back on the road as soon as we can.  We are an insurance broker that specialize in insurance for people who have received a DUI.  Once you get a DUI and go through the DMV process, the DMV requires you to have an SR22 on file.  What is an SR22 exactly?  An SR22 stands for “State Required Form 22” and it states that the driver is financially responsible to drive.  The SR22 is attached to your insurance policy, without an insurance policy the SR22 is not valid.  


There are a few ways that you can file your SR22, you can go to your current insurance carrier and tell them that you need to file one.  As soon as you do, they will run your MVR, “Motor Vehicle Report”, and they will see that you have a DUI.  Once they learn about this, there are two things that they can do - they can drop you altogether, or they can hike your insurance premium and make it so high, that it might be impossible for you to afford.


We at Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions, work with insurance carriers that are sensitive to people who have received a DUI.  Not only will we file the SR22 for you with the DMV, but what we will also do is find you an insurance policy that is affordable so that you can attach that an SR22 to it.  You can say that we are a one stop shop for insurance for people who have gotten their DUI.


Don’t wait a minute longer, call us right away and speak to one of our knowledgeable agents, they are here to answer all of your questions, and if for some reason you still have not decided upon an attorney we can refer you to one.