Did you get a DUI and are now worried about either your insurance premium going up, or even your current insurance carrier dropping you all together?  Don't fret, call Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions. Breathe Easy Insurance is a SR22 insurance broker that specializes in insurance for high risk drivers, specifically those that have a DUI.  The fact that we are a broker means that we will shop the best rates for you, cutting down the time that you spend in front of the computer and on the phone, or even perhaps going down to the insurance office looking for auto insurance on your own.  We will make sure that you have the best coverage possible at the best rate!  Not only will we do this, but we will also file your SR22.


We know how hard it is to sift through all of the paperwork that the DMV requires of you, once you have a DUI.  Since we will file the SR22 for you, your life has become that much easier.  In short, we will file the SR22 for you and get you the best rate possible for insurance.  You might ask why do I need both?  Well you need to file the SR22 with the DMV because that proves that you are financially responsible to drive, and in order to prove that you are, you  need to have an insurance policy  attached to the SR22.  Without the SR22 being attached to an insurance policy, the SR22 does not exist, which means that you would be driving illegally. 


Not only are we brokers that are experts in high risk drivers and SR22 filings, but we also pride ourselves in the level of customer service that we provide each one of our clients.  We understand that sometimes people forget to pay their insurance premium, or that sometimes you might miss a payment accidentally.  We at Breathe Easy make sure to give you call to remind you that you need to pay that premium, because if your insurance lapses, so does your SR22 and you are going to end up driving illegally, and then have to refile your SR22 with the DMV again.


Give us a call today and get your free quote.  We also insure low risk drivers, businesses, and homes, so tell your friends!




About the Author:

Jarrett John Mahoney is owner of Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions. One of the leading insurers in the country for SR22 Insurance filing and DUI insurance protection. Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions, is a member of CDLA, the Private Defenders, CACJ,NACDL and MABA. They are also recognized as one of the fastest growing insurance brokerage's in the county.