If you take no action, yes, your insurance company will eventually find out about your DUI--probably sooner than later when they run your DMV Motor Vehicle Record (MVR). This usually happens when your policy is up for renewal. Once they see the DUI, they are sure to raise your premiums dramatically.

However, if you contact Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions before your APS hearing date, we will file an SR-22 with a liability policy so that the DMV requirement that you have liability insurance may be satisfied. Then, when your existing insurance company runs your MVR, it will show a clean driving record.

At Breathe Easy, Our SR-22 insurance program has a no hassle, one hundred percent guaranteed refund should our client not need the SR-22.  This allows us to give our client the assurance of a no risk option when purchasing the SR-22 before the APS hearing.  This program ends up providing the security of preventing the current carrier from raising the current premium without the risk of paying for an unnecessary SR-22. No suspension will appear on the driver’s Motor Vehicle Report (MVR).

Our strategy involves attaching an SR-22 to a liability policy in conjunction with the current policy. Essentially, the client is going to have two policies. The first policy, the current one, is already in place and is going to continue to cover the vehicle and liability. The second policy is written by us and is used to satisfy the DMV with an SR-22 filing.  Remember, auto insurance premiums are based on: age, zip code, vehicle type and driving record.   We want our customers to get every advantage possible within DMV provisions and the insurance code.  This why filing the SR-22 when you are facing a suspension, but before you are suspended, saves you the most money possible.