sr22 insurance DUI insuranceThe long wait is over. That horrifying and expensive adventure you experienced when you were arrested for DUI is now behind you. You have paid your fines, attended the assigned classes, used public transportation to get around, and waited patiently for the driver’s license suspension period to end. It is now time to get back behind the wheel. Unfortunately, there is yet one more task to perform.

When you received your DUI conviction, your license was suspended. The DMV reported your conviction to your insurance company. In most cases insurance companies will cancel your car insurance during the period of your license suspension. California Vehicle Code 16058 requires your insurance company to report the cancelation of your auto insurance to the DMV.

CA DUI InsuranceCalifornia Vehicle Code 16020 requires Evidence of Financial Responsibility prior to registering a vehicle. But, because of your DUI conviction, your job now is to approach your insurance company to obtain a California Insurance Proof Certificate or SR 22. This DUI insurance policy assures the State that you are protected by an adequate level of Liability insurance. This policy protects you and other drivers on the road.

Your DUI Conviction has already been an expensive life lesson. Obtaining the insurance you need to get your license back should not add to what you have endured. We work closely with insurance carriers to get the SR22 Certificate you need. Our staff at Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions takes the frustration out of the process of recovering from your DUI ordeal.

Call us to talk about your needs and responsibilities. We want to help get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Public transportation has been an inconvenience, your friends have been more than generous helping you get to work, and dating has been a challenge by taxi or bus. We represent insurance carriers that can get you driving again.

sr22 insuranceWe offer California DUI Insurance services in all areas of California:

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