Posted by Jarrett Mahoney on Dec 06, 2012



Got a DUI and now you are wondering what is going to happen to your insurance, well give SR22 Insurance Services a call.  In less than thirty minutes we can have an insurance policy for you and your SR22 filed with the DMV, and we can do all of this over the phone and online.  Breathe Easy is a broker that is able to provide our clients with the best possible insurance rates even if they did get a DUI and are now considered a “high risk driver”.  We know that you want to be able to get back to work, and dropping the kids off at school, and not having to live with that looming feeling that you are driving illegally because you think that you can not afford insurance, now that you got a DUI.


We understand that life after a DUI can become complicated.  Especially with all of the court dates, DMV hearings, attorney’s, insurance, and SR22 filings.  Where does one even start?  


First, we need to get you an insurance policy in order to file your SR22.  Filing the SR22 with the DMV will reinstate your drivers license, making you legal to drive once again.  However, in order to file your SR22 you are going to have to have an insurance policy attached to the SR22


Your first instinct might be to call your current insurance carrier and ask them what is it going to take to file an SR22 for you.  Once you ask your insurance carrier to file your SR22 it is going to send up red flags everywhere that something happened, that something more than likely being a DUI.  Your insurance carrier is going to run your Motor Vehicle Report, and if your DUI comes up on your record, the carrier will raise your rates astronomically, or may even drop you as a client altogether.  




Call Breathe Easy Insurance Services first, and see how much money we can save you today.  You work hard for your money and we know how hard it is to shop around for insurance and really know what you are getting.  We will take you through the process step by step and really explain to you all of the in and outs of your insurance coverage and the SR22 process


About the Author:

Jarrett John Mahoney is owner of Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions. One of the leading insurers in the country for SR22 Insurance filing and DUI insurance protection. Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions, is a member of CDLA, the Private Defenders, CACJ,NACDL and MABA. They are also recognized as one of the fastest growing insurance brokerage's in the county.